Jan 2023

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Well another year has come and gone, so to speak.

These past couple of years have been a roller coaster of emotions and stressors like none other in most of our lifetimes.

New Year: Blank Slate

Everyone is sharing their hopes and dreams, health goals and target weights, diet and exercise programs on social media and I love pouring through the posts and sharing in the renewed hope of a new calendar year! doTERRA's new MetaPWR Challege is coming soon!! More about that later...

For now -- let's talk about the January Promotions and sales!

POM: White Grapefruit!

This happy limited time only oil is - much like Grapefruit essential oil - refreshing, clean, and citrusy. The deliciously citrus-fresh scent is uplifting and can be used to create an environment of positivity and confidence. Diffuse White Grapefruit in the morning while you are preparing for the day or in the afternoon when you need some extra energy and support. Or put White Grapefruit on diffuser jewelry to carry the scent with you all day. Another way to use it aromatically is by making a natural room spray or air freshener.

Get this 5mL bottle of mood-elevating sunshine as a bonus when you place your Monthly Cart order of 125pv or more by the 15th! (learn more about the Monthly Cart special program here:

Cinnamon is offered this month only at 10% off - it's a great time to stock up on this warming oil full of health benefits! In addition to being an immune-system booster, supporting the urinary tract and kidneys, Cinnamon contains Cinnamaldehyde which has been shown to support gastrointestinal health so taking 1-2 drops in a veggie capusule daily is a great idea as we continue into winter with the shortened days and less sunshine (thank God the days will be getting longer, now!) I don't know about you but my immune system needs as much help as possible!

Cinnamon has also been show to help balance sugar cravings - coming out of the holiday season and {ahem} SOME people eating too much sugar.... 😬 - those new goals of avoiding processed sugar and white flour (I always hear those last two words in Leanne Morgan's voice... if you're not familiar with this comedianne - you MUST look her up! You're welcome!) Well -- I'm not going to tell you that Cinnamon Essential Oil is a Magic Pill (I think we all know those don't exist, right?) BUT I will tell you that if you're serious about some goals this 2023 and those goals involve cutting out sugar - you should take advantage of this little sale and stock up!!

How do I use Cinnamon? Great Question!!

A super-simple way to begin to incorporate Cinnamon Essential Oil into your daily routine is to keep the bottle next to your coffee pot! Serioulsy! My favorite way to get that extra bit of sugar-craving exterminator in my body is 1 drop in my morning coffee!

The doTERRA Blog is LOADED with recipes on adding Cinnamon oil to your recipes and cooking! Granola, cinnamon rolls, smoothies.... If you're an oatmeal eater - mix a drop into your milk of choice before adding to your morning bowl of hot cereal. SO Tasty!

I love taking this oil internally, but it can also be used to clean surfaces (it packs a PUNCH against surface pathogens!) as well as topically for a warming massage. Cinnamon is a strong oil and should always be diluted when used on the skin.

What's all this about MetaPWR?

MetaPWR System

doTERRA has launched a revolutionary new system of hacking hormones, taking control of surgar cravings and even shrinking fat cells! The added power of 9 types of collagen in the Advantage product will support healthy skin, hair, connective tissue and bones - but don't take MY word for it! Check out the growing volume of testimonies in the facebook group of almost 11k members!



Want to join our 30-day challenge to feel the MetaPWR ... Power? 😉

Drop me a line with "MetaPWR" in a text to 855-458-6924


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