• WellsTeam

    Wellness Advocate Access

  • Compensation Plan

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  • New Enrollee Checklist

    You've got a newbie, now what? Follow these six steps and take care of your new customers and team members!


    Send them a Welcome e-mail...

    so they know how to reorder, get support, and join our upcoming events.


    Add them to the TeamApp

    members only group...

    so they have a place to ask questions and join our oily community.


    Invite them to purchase the EoE resource app...

    so they know how to take advantage of their investment and use what they have!

    Available in iOS and Android


    Gift them a Welcome Goodie Bag

    so they know how to use their oils.

    Check with your leaders to see if they have any extras for purchase if you haven't stocked up on samples, throat drops, roller bottles and decorative bags.


    Teach them to use their oils...

    so they gain confidence to use their oils and don't just let them collect dust on a shelf. Meet with your enrollee within 3-5 days of their kit arriving. View a sample Wellness Consult sheet HERE (page 20)


    Serve them...

    so they feel loved and cared for. That's our team culture! If I can help you in any way feel free to call/text me at (434) 466-5569. Happy Oiling!

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