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    Are you new to essential oils and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Contact me to schedule a 30-minute phone or in-person wellness consultation.


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    Ready to order essential oils? Order online at my website or contact me for ordering help. I usually have specials and promos.


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    Would you like to host a class? My classes are fun, interactive and all guests go home with freebies! You'll also receive hostess rewards. Contact me to discuss a date and select a topic.


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    Ready to get 25% off all your dōTERRA® essential oil and wellness product purchases?

    • The Wholesale Customer option gives you discount prices for 12 months. 
    • The $35 fee is waived with any starter kit! 
    • No monthly purchase or selling required.

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    Would you like to start selling essential oils and make a monthly income or get all your products free-for-life? Tell Me!

    We have developed an easy to follow, "plug-and-play" system to walk you through the first steps - holding your hand along the way! You'll never be left to fend for yourself. Weekly chats to make sure you feel good about helping your friends find

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