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Let's talk about Digestive Health -

New Year Goals - Healthy Guts for ALL!

· Essential Oils

I know LOTS of folks, every year - often at the mark of the New Year - make resolutions to change their diet and exercise routines in hopes of shedding that Pumpkin Pie and Christmas Cookie weight we all packed on over the last month or so... Maybe you've been working on your middle longer than others and are feeling pretty good! YAY!!

One thing I've learned is when my diet changes, so does my gut health... and that ulitmately affects everything from mood to skin health!

SO! I try to be proactive and use the TerraZyme Capsules with their Anti-Gluten Enzyme Blend to help me break down foods that may have otherwise been a struggle for my body to digest.

Sometimes I have to be a little more "Reactive" and soothe my tummy with the delicious taste of DigestZen... you know - Zen for your Digestive System?

Clever name, eh??

(I can't take credit fo it!! LOL - doTERRA is headed up by some wise and collaborative folks who totally know what they're doing!)

Anywhooo -- doTERRA is always striving to serve their customers with the best possible ingredients and sourcing is paramount when it comes to plant chemistry! Based on new research, they tweaked the essential oils in DigestZen so Ginger, Coriander, and Peppermint play a more prominent role in the blend. These brilliant scientists also added Cardamom which is a powerful oil for internal digestive support and has a lovely aroma that complements DigestZen well.*

HipHipHooray for #happybellies everywhere!!
(are you a #detailperson? look here:**

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